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THE Haven Lakeside Residences has become a favourite of investors looking for a green holiday homeHaven Lakeside Resort Hotel _ Condominiums Ipoh

Overshadowed somewhat by neighbouring Penang, the Malaysian state of Perak, especially its capital Ipoh, has many thing going for it. As well as being the gateway to the stunning uplands of the Cameron Highlands, the city is one of the country’s most diverse and culturally rich. It is also well known as one of Malaysia’s culinary hotspots while its surrounding landscapes are rich in natural beauty.

The Haven Lakeside Residences has become a favourite of investors looking for a green holiday home. Conceived by developers The Haven Sdn Bhd, the project incorporates a host of energy-saving initiatives such as solar panels and building design that maximises the cooling effect of natural breeze. Healthy “green” living is a constant throughout the development. Other amenities include a 600-metre jogging track around a pristine lake and yoga and meditation decks.

Surrounded by pristine rainforest and misty peaks, the development is blessed with ample scenic splendour. What’s more, it makes the absolute most of its bucolic location. A calm lake provides an arresting focal point while clean lines and contemporary design typify residences. The development has won great acclaim for its eco-friendly credentials and solar panels airy interiors that capitalise on the natural breeze are prime examples of this green philosophy.The Haven

While fitness fanatics may want to hit the running track, other facilities are geared more towards relaxation. These include a five-level, 60-metre sea-horse shaped swimming pool with a poolside bar and restaurant.

Not many resorts can boast of being situated next to virgin rainforest while being only 15-minutes away from the centre of a major city.

Malaysia carries a host of benefits ranging from lifestyle advantages to attractive prices and steady growth. As a relatively unheralded destination, Ipoh is especially good value currently. The property itself guarantees buyers a 6 percent annual return for the first three years and 7 percent for a further two years, based on lease agreements.

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Haven Lakeside Resort Hotel & Condominiums

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